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Academic Tutoring Services

Year 11 - 12

Consolidating Conceptual Knowledge and Refining Exam Technique

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These final years serve as a platform for gaining entry into university courses and students' future careers. Our tutors not only teach but mentor students to reach their potential and gain admission into courses such as Medicine, Law and Business. We meticulously focus on exam strategies and building conceptual knowledge of the Preliminary and HSC syllabus across:


  • English (Advanced & Standard)

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Maths (General, 2U, 3U & 4U)

  • Physics

Academic Tutoring: Text

Year 7 - 10


Building Subject Knowledge and Effective Learning Habits

These formative years are critical to building a concrete foundation for HSC success. Our programs hold a rigorous focus on the syllabus and individual assessments/exams, ensuring students achieve success in the classroom. We offer tutoring services across:

  • English 

  • Science


  • Maths

Academic Tutoring: Text
Academic Tutoring: Text

MEDx Program 


Achieve your goal of becoming a future doctor. 

Entry into a Medicine Program is a rigorous process involving academic excellence in the HSC, a high UCAT score and a successful medical interview performance. 

Our MEDx program connects you to:


1. The most personalised UCAT Program in the state: 100th UCAT Percentile Mentors via a personalised 1-1 and small-group learning environment with a maximum of 6 students


2. Focused Medicine Interview Training: With trainee doctor mentors who have succeeded in achieving entry into every Medicine Program in the nation. 

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